Tech executive on investing in diversity

Bärí A. Williams, tech executive and diversity advocate, joins the 'Squawk Box' team to discuss her Fast Company story, 'The state of black women getting funded in 2018' and the gap between black women and white men when it comes to VC funding.


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StubHub’s Head of Business Operations Bari Williams Shares Her Key to Maintaining Family Life as an Executive

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StubHub appoints Bärí A. Williams, Esq., as its new head of Business Operations, North America

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The Black Women Behind Some of Technology’s Most Influential Companies

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The statistics are clear: There is a stark shortage of women in leadership roles at top technology companies in Silicon Valley and beyond. When it comes to addressing the lack of black women in managerial or senior roles within the industry, the numbers are grim.


The Truth About Being a Black Woman in Tech

by Amy Elisa Jackson

For the past 5 years, the diversity problem in Silicon Valley has been the hot button issue. One year after Google, Facebook, Microsoft and others started issuing “diversity reports,” the numbers are still staggeringly low. Meanwhile, Amazon and Dropbox have failed to release 2015 workforce demographics all together.


Paving Your Road to Silicon Valley

by Dr. Atira Charles

The tagline ‘diversity in tech’ is everywhere we turn these days. This renewed focus of increasing the representation of underrepresented groups, specifically racial minorities and women, is opening the doors for a pipeline of opportunity for black talent. However, for many, the road to Silicon Valley may be one that is full of ambiguity and fear of the unknown.